• Built a chatbot using NLP[link]
  • Developed the ML@B website and its infrastructure [link]
  • Designed INFLUX: a minimalist, graph-based stream processing engine oriented towards machine learning applications [link]


Rising Sophomore @ UC Berkeley
Pursuing: EECS, Business (Entrepreneurship)

Courses I'm Taking (Fa'2017):
  • CS 61C - Great Ideas in Computer Architecture (Machine Structures)
  • IEOR 191 - Technology Entrepreneurship
  • IEOR 190B - Finance for Entrepreneurs
  • IEOR 190C - Collider Sprints
  • IEOR 185 - Challenge Lab
Courses I've Taken:
  • CS 61A - Structures and Interpretations of Computer Programs
  • CS 61B - Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CS 70 - Discrete Math
  • Math 53 - Multivariable Calculus
  • Math 54 - Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
  • EE 16A - Designing Information Devices and Systems
  • EE 16B - Designing Information Devices and Systems


  • Machine learning is pretty dope. I'm reading as much on this as possible!
  • I love traveling, landscape photography, and surfing. My goal is to visit and surf every ocean in the world.
  • Huge soccer fan. I love the Tottenham Hotspurs and play recreationally whenever possible.